Weekly Post 2


The photographer for this photo is CATHERINE IVEY!! She took our graduation photos at almost sunset in different locations on campus. The photo is centered around the girls, but still captures the beauty of the surroundings. The apartments are also centered and the trees frame the rule of thirds manner in which the photo was taken. The lighting is perfect, taken in shade but still catch the sun shining through in the back and there is enough brightness to keep all the detail in the girls, the clothes, and the buildings and trees in the background. She did a great job in capturing our personality as a group, and also was so instructive about the photoshoot!! There is perfection in the structure of the shot, but there is so much uniqueness in that she caught us in a moment where we are not all uniformly standing in a perfectly set up way.


Weekly Post 1

I am using a photo from Time Magazine for this post. I found this photo intriguing in that the setting is a place where there is not much westernization, indicated by clay or weak concrete walls. There are items hung directly into the wall and it seems there is no difference in interior and exterior of this home for these people. I like the way the photo is framed with the mother and child directly in the center, but with the ladder and objects on the wall using the rule of thirds. The photo appears to be taken in an area of shade, but the lighting is still great with very few if any serious shadows, and no exposure issues. I like the amount of detail caught in this lighting, like the moisture in the wall and the imperfections in the wood of the ladder. I also love the light that is caught on all the reflective surfaces, it adds depth to the photo.

weekly post 2

This photo actually appeared on my newsfeed of facebook having been shared thousands of times. The image is of the Greek island Santorini on Easter night just 24 hours ago their time. First off, I appreciated this image because I have been to the exact location the photo was taken and looked at this part of the island from this viewpoint. Candles/fires were lit in tin buckets lining the streets and rooftops of the entire building on the night that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The photo was taken at a great upward facing angle to be able to get more of the structures in the frame. Also, even with poor lighting, there is so much detail from just the candle light, and you can see the detail in the buildings and walls, as well as be able to differentiate the buildings from the ones next door. The dark sky with the fire light almost gives the photo the effect as if it was filtered or taken in black/white mode.

Weekly post 1

This photo taken by Buzz Aldrin in space is easily one of the most widely known and famous photos in America. Buzz Aldrin actually spoke at Wofford a couple years ago and explained to us the photo and how it ended up much cooler than they ever imagined. He talked about how he gets photographed through the reflection of the helmet and how he loves that he captures the moon and astronauts and the shuttle all in the same image. I like that even with little light up there (light is from their own flashlight source) so much detail can be seen in the moon sand and in the gear that is worn by the astronaut. I like that the American Flag colors are so vibrant compared to the white, gray, and black shades in the rest of the photo. It is hard to believe how much clarity there is in the shot.